Alan Henderson


Back in 2014, I was in the liquor store and was surprised I couldn’t find one bottle that had a label displaying someone that looked like me. And none told the story of someone that looked like me. That feeling of knowing our stories are overlooked, but our dollars are courted led me to start buying barrels of bourbon in 2015 with the dream of building my own spirits company.

As a 12 year NBA veteran and now purveyor of fine spirits, I founded Henderson Spirits Group to honor African Americans who have made significant, yet often overlooked, contributions to the historical world of spirits. We celebrate their achievements by placing their names, faces and stories, front and center, on every bottle.

We are proud to have brought to market our first brands, Birdie Brown and Tom Bullock’s. Have a pour and enjoy learning about Birdie and Tom on our websites. We encourage you to also search online and read more about their unexpected feats and continue to discover more African Americans that have touched this industry. We are just getting started and have even more great liquids and stories in the pipeline!

Please join us on our mission to “Diversify the Bar” by purchasing and enjoying our delicious, award-winning spirits. And don’t keep it a secret. Please share it with and tell some friends about us. If we aren’t in your local establishments, ask them to bring it in! We can’t do it without your support.